Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Post a Day for November

I am going to try to make a post a day for this month.

The subject of todays post is my dream to go skydiving. I have been dreaming about this for the past couple of years. I have wanted to do it longer than that but I started doing reasearch about 2 years ago and this summer I started visiting Dropzones, (this is what the skydiving centers are called), There are two within driving distance of my home.
The most popular one is almost two hours away, at over 90 miles away, it is called The Farm or Skydive the Farm. I liked the way it was laid out and how open the area is, but the drive adds alot more to the cost of the jumps. If it were closer I would do my jumps there.
The other one is called SkyDive Atlanta, it is only 50 miles away, it is located at an airport, so the only area to land is in the middle of the runway. They are very nice there, but the only drawback is they are about $$ more than The Farm but with the gas savings I guess that I will have to do my first jump there. I really wanted to make the first jump this year but the season is ending here as it is getting cooler. I guess I will have to wait until next spring.
I might have to go to the Thanksgiving Boogie which is a jump all day event and the price is lower for jumps and tandems. I have put some links in this post if anyone is interested checking out the info an skydiving. I also thought I might use these post to share some of the Many Layers of Me. Please let me know what you think. I hope with the daily post I will draw some of the lurkers our of hiding and get a few comments.

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Anonymous said...

I have jumped 7 times(static line). I think if you go once you should go advanced free fall, so you get the most out of the jump. Tandem is not as fun as going on your own.