Sunday, October 28, 2007

What a busy month

October is the busiest month for birthdays in out family. My niece starts the month off on the 5th (she turned 20 this year), then it is me next on the 21st (29 here this year), My cousin's daughter on the 25th (8 this year), My oldest daughter on the 26th ( she turned 7), and my mom and her twin sister today ( I will not mention how old the are here).

I worked all last week at the school and by the time I get off, help the girls with there homework, get dinner on the table, the bathed and ready for bed I barely have time to take a breath. Planning a birthday party for my little girl I felt like I just pulled if off. We had finger food and over 30 people here and oh my. She did have fun though. I got her an MP3 player because she had been wanting my I-Pod and I did not feel like I should let her have it because her little sister would have a fit.

For my birthday my mother gave me money and so I decided that I would buy something that I really needed and that I would remember after the day and so I bought a new bedding set that I have been looking at for sometime now. I purchased it at Linens N Things and they have it on sale now so here is the link.

I hope that I can make more time for making some of the things that are on my christmas gift list.

If you would please pray for me, I am going through somethings that I don't feel that I can go into here but it is very personal and important to me. Thanks in advance for your prayers.

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