Friday, June 15, 2007

Some New Additions

I have been making some new additions for my shop and I decided to post them to get a little feedback before I add them to the shop.

This is a bracelet made from polished shell pieces that are drilled, and then placed on a eye pin and connected with a jump ring.
This necklace is made with individual units that are link together to form the main length and then chain is added to finish it off. I call this one "Shell Mail" there are mother of pearl charms, the same polished shell pieces and freshwater pearls. This necklace is made with individual freshwater pearls placed between jump rings. This set has matching earrings. These are Amethysts that I purchased in Tombstone, AZ for a very quant shop called the Rhinestone Cowboy.

To find a list of prices for these items you can visit my shop page here.


1 comment:

t-da said...

i really like that first necklace you made, the contrast with the delicate shells and the chunky chain...