Monday, June 18, 2007

A Killer Stitch

Have you ever picked up an book just because of the cover art? I know that I am bad about not following the old clique "Never judge a book by its cover" because, some books can have great covers but the writing does not live up to the beauty of its cover.
Well I am reading a book now that I will say that it is surpassing the beauty of the cover. The book is called A Killer Stitch, by Maggie Sefton, from the moment I picked it up and began to read the first page I could not put it down.
The story begins in a knitting shop during a Spinning Class, and the plot starts to get deep before the end of the second chapter. The basic plot of the book is (without giving away the ending): The spinning teachers playboy boyfriend is found murdered and she is the prime suspect. Enter Kelly here, an advid knitter/CPA/Amature Slueth, as she tries to uncover the truth as tangled in the mystery as she is in the yarn for her cabled scarf. The characters are well written so that you don't need to guess where they fit into the story line.

Also, in the back of the book you will find a pattern for this cabled scarf and a recipe for some chocolate mint fudge, that sound so good I am going to have to make some soon.

I would say that this book is a 4 out of 5 ****.


Marlyn said...

You may want to try Maggie Sefton's earlier books in the Knitting Mystery series:
"Knit One, Kill Two", "Needles to Death" and "A Deadly Yarn".

Kadiddly said...

Ooo! I didn't know there was a fourth one out! I love the characters in that series! The mysteries tend to be a little fluffy for me, but I like them anyway. Now I might have to reread the first ones until payday!