Thursday, June 28, 2007

Some Great How-To's

I thought I would list a few links that I have been enjoying lately.
I subscribe to the Cut Out + Keep Podcast and I really love there projects.
I really like the Fabric Ball Necklace, I can think a few other uses for the fabric balls, like tie-backs for curtains, a garland for a party, and I can think of a few more.

Crafty Daisies has some great how-to's and I think that this one (on Paper Making) is a great one for crafting with the kids. I really love this Tree tote bag and it seems so easy to make.

Instructables has a great selection of how-to's and you can even post your own if you would like. Here is a great Contest for you to enter if you think that you can make something cool out of office supplies all you have to do is document your steps with photos and post it.

Adorn Magazine has a great how to for a Passport Wallet and a whole section of Web-Only Projects.

I love Molly Chicken and the tutorials here are great I have made a few of the fabric flowers.

I hope that you enjoy these links. I wanted to share the ones that I have found very useful.

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