Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Little Rant

I hate it when a woman/girl plays the "girl card". Let me explain, this is when they have a problem and they see a guy and try to get him to fix it for them by saying the phrase "oh, I really don't know how to fix it I'm just a girl". The perfect example of this happened to me today at a gas station. My DH and I were stopped to fill up our truck and the car next to us was full of four girls, and I use that term loosely. Well their car would not start and they asked my DH if he had "those jumper things" so that they could get the car to start, well we always carry a "jump box" (it is a power box to jump a battery) and so he said that he would help them and she proceeded to say, " oh, thank you so much we just don't know what to do when we have a problem like this we're just girls", after hearing that last comment I had, had it, I guess they thought that thay could flirt and get anything out of a man. Well, I just had to jump in and say "oh really I am girl and I know how to jump a car off" I then proceeded to connect the jump box to the battery myself, just to show them up, my DH thinks that I am so funny for getting ticked off over what they said. I feel like that are disrespecting themselves as well as every other woman out there by acting that way.
Ok, Sorry for such a long rant but I had to get it out of my system.

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keri said...

I know what you mean - doesn't it just bring the rest of us capable women down? I hate when people think I can't do something because I am a woman!