Friday, June 1, 2007

Road Trip Day 1 UPDATE and 2

I think that this picture makes me look fat. I am going to have to go a diet, I might just be the angle.

We ended up staying in Shreveport, LA last night. We got so tired by then and we made a stop at the Lousiana Boardwalk, to go to the Bass Pro Shop. Tim Collects the hats from all of the different locations ( everytime we se one we have to stop so he can get the hat from wherever we are) as I am typing this he pointed out a sign for the one in Dallas, TX ( I guess I will have to let him stop, but when you have seen one you have seen them all).

We are on the east side of Dallas and sitting through road work. It seems like we can't get 20 miles with out going down to one lane. I feel like it is taking forever. I just saw a sign it is 499 miles to the state line with NM.

Here is what the girls did most of the way to Dallas

We ended up going to the one in Dallas, it is actually in Grapevine, TX. Here he is in his element.

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