Thursday, May 31, 2007

On the road again

We are on the road, headed to AZ. Our planned pitstop for the night is Dallas, TX which in about half-way.
6:18 am EST
We are leaving the house and I plan on updating this post for the rest of the day to let you no out progress. I will try to take pictures of the various locations.
7:31 am EST
We are now West of Atlanta on our way to Alabama. It is a little smokey from the wildfire in south GA and north FL. It would be a beautiful day if the smoke was not here. We have managed to keep the girls asleep. The closer we get to AL the bluer the sky gets. I have brought a few projects with me, actually my supplies have their own suitcase (I have a hard-sided carryon rolling cart and I have it full of jewelery making supplies, yarn, books and drawing supplies.)

8:00 am EST

Here we are comming into the Alabama, It was still very smoky as far in to Alabama as Taladaga.
It was about 11:00 when we stopped right outside of Meridian, Mississippi, for a picnic lunch. The welcome center is located about 30 miles inside of mississippi from the line.
There wasn't a sign for Louisiana when we crossed the Mississippi river so I took a picture of the bridge.
We took a break at one of the many rest areas and let the girls stretch their legs and found a patch of wild blackberries.

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