Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Anastasia saw me looking at the spring issue of Knitty and this skirt on the main page caught her eye, and she begged me to make it for her. My response was if I have the yarn I will make it, but if I have to go out an buy it I can't right now. Well, I had enough of Kramer Yarns Tatamy Tweed in colors that almost match the ones in the picture, and I cast on for it today. I am almost through the first section. I have completed the waistband with the inclosed elastic (this is my first time to use this technique) and I think that I will have to make a few skirts with this for the girls. I really like the way this yarn is knitting up, it is very soft and flowing. I have found another color combination that I would love to make also, and I have the yarn in my stash, so I guess after this one I will have to make another one for Shae.
I have to charge the batteries for my camera so I can take a picture in the morning.

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Sarah HB said...

Can't wait to see the progress!!!