Friday, February 23, 2007


I just had to post these because they inspire me so much. I love the colors of the fabrics and the way the patterns play on each other. These are from the Ikea Blenda Collection. I know the way the combine fabric is not always the way I would but I thought that these would make a great quilt.I really love this pattern it reminds me of saucer plates with the concentric circles.

This fabric feels a little retro to me with the large white spaces and bright colors and cosmic shapes. The small mofits of this fabric makes it great for an accent fabric or the border of a quilt.

I wish I had a set of dinner plates with these patterns on them. I love the mix of colors and the unexpected use of dark colors with the pastels.
Adding this to the combination adds an unexpected twist to the mix. From a distance it could almost look like a solid with dots because of the fine lines. I think that the pattern adds a whimsey to the over all look of a very simple quilt.

When I first looked at the collection as a whole I did not really notice the pattern of this fabric I just look at it as a check, but after looking at it on its own I really thought that this would be a way to make the pattern of the quilt pop because if used as the border or main background fabric it would change up the whole dynamic of the quilt.

I would love to use this collection of fabrics to make the Simply Squares Quilt from Denise Schmidts, Book : Quilts.
I hope that this inspires you the way it has inspired me. When I find something that just makes me want to create, I just have to get my hands on it. I guess this means that I have to plan a trip to my local IKEA.


Katie Jean said...

hi! I just stumbled on your blog and wanted to say those fabrics are so cute! You can make dinner plates with them by gluing them onto the back of some clear dishes and then finishing it with some kind of waterproof sealer that they make for dishes. They would look so cute!

Joy Morykon said...

love the fabric!! Man I wish we had an Ikea in town. the closest one to us is like 3 hrs away!
thanks for sharing!