Friday, February 23, 2007


Yesterday me and the DH and the girls went to the park. They were so glad for a nice spring like day. I loved watching them play and I think that we all enjoyed the day as much as anyone. It was the first real warm day of the week and Anastasia is out of school this week and yesterday an today have been so nice, that they have played outside all day.
My studio is located where I can open the front door and the girls can play and I am able to work and watch them. I planned this when I decieded where to put the building up. I am glad that I put it here because I was really able to get a lot done today. I wish I could find my camera because I finished a quilted overnight bag with a zipper closure and handles that wrap around the bottom of the bag and up the other side. I really like it but now I have to make three more because my mother loves it and wants one for her and each of her sisters. I will post a picture as soon as I can find my camera.
I hope that I can keep up with my plan of one FO per day. I hope to have my mother's fingerless gloves tomorrow because she loves the ones that I made for me but I did make a few changes to her's like increasing the rows after the thumb hole to give her more coverage on the fingers for when she is driving.
I know that I have been rambling here but I feel like talking tonight and I have no one to talk to tonight, the girls are with my parents and my DH is asleep and I am up watching Numbers and I don't feel like stoping. I have added to my book collection this week.

  • Paula Deen and Friends Cookbook.
  • Everyday Italian
  • Skirts The how to
  • Denise Schmidt's Quilts

I love these books as you can see I added 2 cookbooks as well as 2 craft books. I have been collecting cookbooks for the past 13 years. I was 15 when a elderly lady started this collection with a box of cookbooks and cooking magazines, the books were from as far back as the 40's with one from the 60's that is a lady that was a television cook from the time. I now have everything from Southern Living cookbooks to the current Food Network Chefs. I love to cook and I love to make things with my hands. I also love to talk, to write letters, to post on this blog., and most of all spending time with my family. I would love to write a book one day and I have one started, it is a crafting book a little of everything because I do some of it all and I think that if I were to write a book it would have to be about everything that I love to do. I hope that I have not put you to sleep with my ramblings. Thank you all for reading my posts because I really love doing this. I hope that you all have a good weekend, I will be redoing my living room tomorrow as I am getting a sofa, and 2 recliners. A friend of ours is moving and their new home is smaller and they do not have room for this set in their new home.

This picture is now gracing my desktop, I get to see them everytime I turn my computer on. I think that this picture is too cute for words.

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