Thursday, February 22, 2007

Computer Problems and more

My computer crashed Sunday morning, I lost all of my data and all of my school work. I had to take the computer into the shop for a couple of days and had no access to the internet until late tuesday night. I will say that without the computer I got a few things done. When the computer is around I seem to keep it in my lap (no pun intended). I started making me a pair of fingerless gloves and then the girls wanted a pair also so without a computer I got a lot done, One pair for me and a pair each for the girls.

Here is one of mine, I used Lorna's Laces Sock Yarn, I crocheted them in half double crochet and made up the pattern as I went I am in the process of writing it and I will be posting this pattern here as soon as it is finished.

Here is the girls showing off their's the pink, brown and yellow, is Anastasia's and was made with All Things Heather in the Banana Split Colorway. and the Blue and Yellow, is Shae's and is made with Knit Picks Sock Memories in Pansy.

Shae liked her's so much that she had to sleep with them on. I really am going to have to make sure that I turn the computer off more often and try to get some real work done. I will try to post more often and I get a few more finished objects to actually post them instead of gifting them before I get a chance to take a picture. I have gotten hooked (pun intended) on crochet, but I am still a knitter at heart. I am planning a project from an old Elizabeth Zimmerman Pattern, I need a baby blanket for a friend and I would like to get it finished before the baby is born. I hope that you all are doing great out there, I would love to hear how your week has went.
I also forgot to list who one the contest a few weeks back. Linda, of Altered Visions, I will be sending you package , all I need is your address. Email me at kates.1021 AT yahoo DOT com .


keri said...

Oh no, what a bummer that you've been having computer problems!

Sometimes being forced to turn off the computer can be a good thing - I know I spend waaay too much time on mine ;)

Joy Morykon said...

super cute wrist warmers! looove them. well done!