Sunday, January 21, 2007

Our Sweet Chester

Tonight we lost our sweet little Guine Pig Chester. He was fine this morning but when I went out tonight to give him a treat of tomatoes, and he was just laying there. I can't help but cry now just thinking about him. The girls are asleep so they do not know yet and I don't look forward to telling them. Shae my youngest is the most emotional one and she is not going to take it very good. Anastasia will take it hard but she will not be as emotional, she will be very practical and want to have a funeral. So we will prepare for a funeral and try to be prepared to deal with the crying that we know is to come. Please keep the girls in your prayers.


joy said...

Oh, I hope the girls don't take the news too badly. Take care!

keri said...

Awe I am so sorry to hear that, my thoughts are with you and your family!

Dawn said...

I'm so sorry that I don't know what type of animal Chester is. I am sorry to hear that he passed away. My thoughts are with you and your girls.