Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Another late night post

I have been making the Coffee Cup Cuffs from Art Quilting Magazine and I have been using pre-quilted fabric for a quicker project. I have now made about a dozen and I am planning on giving them out at the school to some of my favorite PTO and office workers. They were very easy to make and I think that I will make a few more because I have a lot of pre-quilted fabric that is just small sample size pieces and I can make a few of them. I also have figured that you can get 4 out of 1/8 yard of pre-quilted fabric and this would be a very inexpensive gift to start making to add to my gift closet.
I have been making kits for the presentation that I am doing at My Daughter's school and I hope that I will be able to sell some of the supplies that I have put together. While I was doing this I thought of an Idea that I might use for a home party idea.
I also have my resume out at 7 places now and I hope that I wll hear from one of them soon.

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keri said...

They are really cute, we must be on the same wavelength! I've been thinking about making a quilted water bottle cuff. My water bottle sweats all over the place!