Saturday, June 28, 2008

Road Trip Day 2

We have really covered alot of ground today. Our day started out in Steven City, Virgina, and we are now in upstate New York. We have been through West Virgina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and finally New York. We are in the Adirondacks right now and I have very spotty service on both my phone and air card, so I am unable to post pictures right now because I know I will lose signal in the middle of an upload. It has rained on us off and on ever since Albany, and we are still at least 45 min until Plattsburgh, NY. I will be glad when we get there. we will stay the night there and then take the ferry over the Vermont in the morning. The girls are very excited about going in the truck on a boat. They do not understand how we are going to get the truck on the boat. I have tried to explain it but I still do not think that they really understand.

On the crafting side of things, I have made a couple of beaded crocheted chains and a cape for Shae's Barbie doll. She kept asking me to make her something and I figured that I could make her something that she could play with.

We will be going to Vermont, New Hampshire , Conneticut and New York City tomorrow. I really want to take the girls to see the city and I think we might try to go to Ground Zero, I really think we should make the effort to visit the this if we can. I really want to go to Purl Soho and pick up some new yarns.

Oh My goodness the views are wonderful up here but the light is so bad that my pictures won't turn out good. I really wish that is was clear so that I could show off these beautiful scenes.

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