Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Inspirations of the Day

I love this idea. printable wrapping paper. I found this on Blueprint magazine's website. I thought I would share this very unique find. I really have gotten inspired lately to do more paper crafting. Here is a very cool blog by Tim Holtz, he is a mixed media, stamping artist. I used my weekly Michael's coupon for the Making Memories Distressing Kit. I love how it works but I think I might have to practice a little bit more before I show off anything. The bone folder that came with the kit is great I like hw crisp my folds look. I am working on a new scrapbook layout for Anastasia's scrapbook. I hope to have it done tonight. I
had to stop to watch my favorite show, NCIS. It was supposed to be a brand new one but, it is a rerun. I guess that I will get more done on my scrapbook than I thought.
I really am loving being out of school this week. I really needed the break, an essay each week has been a little hard in the sleep department. Going to bed at 12am and getting up at 6am to take the girls to school and hope that I would get to work that day (I am a substitute teacher at their school) then not getting home until 3 in the afternoon. When I got home I would have to cook dinner, do laundry and get the kids in bed by 7:30, and then start my school day over again.
I also got to watch Carol Duvall's Holiday Workshop today, and I loved the idea of the folded paper tree. Here is the link for this I hope that you find it as interesting and easy as I have.

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