Wednesday, August 1, 2007

School Has Started

Last Friday, I had to give up my baby, Shae to Kindergarten. I guess I could say that I really had a hard time that day. I cried so much I felt that the tears would leave permanent trailes down my face. I have heard it all, "you should be happy, think about all the time you will have to do what you want", "it will be good for her to be away from home" " I would be jumping for joy". Well not me I just want my baby girl back home with me. If you think about it I have not really been alone for 7 years.
She did good the first day and the second day, but yesterday, the third, she had a meltdown. her dad took her to school and she decied that she was going to scream and pitch a fit and let everyne know that she was there. They said that they could hear her all the way to the office (her class is at the back of the school, at the farthest end of the hall) you get the picture.
Well, I decied today that since I would have to take her this morning she would be dropped off at the front door and have to walk herself to class. I still have to go in because I hade things for Anastasia's classroom, so I let them out and then parked and waited about 5 min for them to get to their rooms and then I went in and dropped off the things and I spoke to Shae's teacher and she said that she was like another child today, she walked in all happy-go-lucky and all smiles. So I guess I will have to pull this act from now on when I have to work at the school.

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Sarah HB said...

It is amazing when your babies start school. They look great!!!