Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Only 6 weeks left

I will be going to the beach with the ladies group from my church. I really need to lose a few pounds. I will be honest here I now weigh in at 160 pounds, and I am only 5' 3". So according to all of my reading, for my bone structure, and age (28) I really only need to be about 120-125 at the max. So as of today I am going to change my eating habits and cut out somethings that I know are not good for me, like:

  1. Regular Cokes
  2. Refined Sugar
  3. Overly Processed Foods
  4. White Bread
  5. Fat

I am going to add back to my meals some of the following:

  • Fresh Fruit
  • Raw Veggies
  • Complex Carbs

I am not going to depribe myself but I will make sure that I enjoy what I eat and keep you up on my progress. I will post any good recipes that I find and I will also list my struggles that I know I will have.

I know that if I post this here it will hold me accountable to everyone. I hope to be able to follow the Eat Clean Plan.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I am counting WW points and it has not been hard.

Also, I have gotten some really good recipes from

Kathleen C. said...

Eating healthy is the best way in the world to lose weight and feel good!
Little things count too... park further away, walk more, drink more water...
BTW... I speak from years of wieght loss yo-yo experience here. I'm now losing weight slowly and healthfully. I'm not dieting... I'm just eating right and being accountable.
Good luck! I know you can do it!

Anonymous said...

I've lost about 3 pounds using your eating plan. I also started walking. I walk 5 days a week. I started walking 1 mile and have increased to 3 miles. I feel better. I need to lose about 15 more pounds.