Saturday, July 14, 2007

MS3 to the froggies . . . .

  • I have finished clue 1, with a good start on clue 2, when the dropped stitch just dropped. I know that anyone who has knitted lace knows what I mean, when you drop a stitch it is a pain to try to get it picked up correctly. Well I did not like the results so I just frogged it back onto the ball. I think I will pick up something else this weekend. A quick little project.
  • I have been looking at these and so I picked up one of my japanese craft books and started a little creature for Shae. She love the way they look and has been asking me to make her one.
  • I hit the mother load at Goodwill this week, I have a huge bag of brand new yarn (wool, cotton, and novelty yarns), I also found almost the whole set of American Girl books for the girls for only 75 cents each (I got a like new copy of The Devil Wears Prada book for me). I am going to make a few creatures out of some of it, and I might use the cotton for a crocheted lace.
  • I have joined a few Yahoo groups in the past couple of days: Crochet Peaches, Crochet Menagerie, and Knit Swap.

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Sarah HB said...

I dropped a stitch too BUT was able pick it up!

Good luck with your weekend.