Monday, May 21, 2007

Posts that caught my eye today

  • one love the socks.

  • two another sock but a great new pattern

  • three some lovely yarn and a link to get your own

  • four scroll down to see the lady spinning yarn right off the rabbit in her lap

  • five spinning silk hankies

  • six a cool japanese braid, I love this stuff.

  • seven a very cool log cabin blanket knitted with brown sheep worsted, and som cool moo cards.

  • eight I night have to find out where Canyon Lake is for my road trip.

  • nine look at that great scarf it is so light and airy.

  • ten I love this blanket and I think that it might be a nice one for the next few baby blankets that I have to make.

1 comment:

keri said...

Great links, thanks!

Hope all is well with you!