Friday, March 2, 2007

Spinning Tales and a little yarn

I was going through a box this morning, to put up some yarn in the studio and I came across some sample cards for SWT yarns that have been discontinued and I thought about it for a min and decieded what I could do. I have been wanting to spin some inclusion yarn for a while so I cut each piece of yarn in to one (1) pieces and prepaired my fiber into pencil roving and sat down to spin. I really had fun spinning this yarn. I spun the single and did not want to have t spin another so I plied it with a #10 Crochet Cotton and I just love the results. This was so much fun I think I might just have to spin up some more with the other novelty yarn scraps that I have in my stash drawer.

Today the sun came out and dried up the river that was my front yard yesterday, I still sank about 1 inch in the yard with every step from the backdoor to the studio. I really wish that I had it put right out from the backdoor instead of on the side of the house. I need to post a picture.

I submited a banner and button to Whip Up for the Banner Compitetion Here is what I sent in. Here is a smaller version of the banner that I sent in yesterday. Wish me luck.
I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend. I will be helping with a community clean up in the morning so I best go to bed and get a little beauty sleep.

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