Friday, March 9, 2007

Can't believe its been so long

I cannot believe that it has been a week between post, but this week has been crazy. My Dad needs surgery but cannot get it until we get his blood sugar down to a better level. So me and my sister have been taking everyother day to check in on him. Today is my day, and I have been fielding phone calls from him and my sister all day.
I have gotten some crafting this week. I can take these small projects with me in a sandwich size ziplock bag. I love these little projects that fit in my purse, and where every I am. If I have to wait I can just pull them out and work on them.

  • FO a crocheted drawstring purse

  • WIP Bottle/Can Cozy

  • FO Illustrations for my Sunday School's bullentin board

This is pretty much it for this week. I had so much school work this week and worring about my dad worked together to make me not want to even think about creating.

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend. I will return with some inspiration next week hopefully as I am going to the Apparel Mart in Atlanta and I will try to come back with some new ideas to share.

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