Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Politically Incorrect

I know that most people out in the blog world think that shopping the big box stores is a big NO-NO, but for some of us that is the only option. I am mentioning this because I just learned that Wal-mart is planning on closing all of their fabric and craft departments and if they do this I will have to use more fossil fuel by driving 20 more miles to the closest fabric store. Here is the number to call to let wal-mart know that you think that this is a bad Idea.
1-800-wal-mart (925-6278). I really hope that we will get some action done and they will not close these as they are great when I am on the road and need supplies to finish a project and I know that I can get what I need at anytime of the night.


keri said...

That would be a bummer. I live an hour away from any size of a city and I always pop into walmart for fabric/or last minute things.

Kim in Oregon said...

Hi Kate. I'm surprised about walmart. That's too bad. I'll give them a call!

The Denise needles are yours if you want them...just let me know how you wish to pay (cash, paypal,e tc). Let's say $3 for postage for a total of $28? Email me at kbshee AT comcast DOT net. I'm at a fiber festival til Saturday but can get them off to you next week.

Sarah HB said...

I buy fabric at Walmart pretty often...I would be sad if I had to drive to Joann's every time I needed a notion and there are a couple only Walmart sells.

I will call my Walmart.

Dawn said...

hey kate!!
our one walmart is getting rid of the fabric dept for a Party supply department! Can you believe that one! I am going to call and demand that they keep our fabric department!!