Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cheap Technology

With everyone trying to save as much as they can right now. I thought I would share a link to wonderful site that I found they take paypal and have very low prices and free to low shipping cost. It is called NewEgg and it can be found at www.newegg.com . I purchased a memory card with reader for my LG Rumor phone for only $7.95 (a savings of $20 off most local stores) and I was able to take advantage of free shipping. When you sign up for their newsletter they will send you coupon codes to get rebates and/or free shipping off various products. I have to say that I went back again and was able to purchase a Bluetooth headset for 13.99 and the shipping on it was only 3.99. This saved me almost $20 for this item as well. I hope that you will be able to save on items that you need as I have. I plan on using this site for most of my technology purchases in the future because the have great deals. 
Katie Cannon

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