Monday, June 9, 2008

Oh My Goodness

I cannot believe that I have let almost 2 months go by with out a post. So much has gone on that I really do not know where to start.
April was a pretty calm month for me and I really did not get much done on the crafting front, school has been my focus, so I guess that I really did not have anything that I thought would be intersting to post.

May, now this month is another story. It has been a rough one for my husband's family. His father Joe Cannon was admitted into Emory Hospital on May 7, with an infection of the stomach and the lungs. He bravely faught these infections for 20 days before he was moved to hospices and then passed away peacefully on May 27, surrounded by the people he loved. He was only 59. A little back story: He recieved a lung transplant on May 3, 2006 and did very well for a few months until a stroke weakend him, he was in and out of the hospital until the end, and we are greatful for the excellent care that he recieved from the Emory family. If it had not been for the Lung transplant we would have lost him much sooner so we are truly thankful for the time we were given with him because of this transplant. (I will change this to a link as soon as I can to a previous post about Joe).

May also signaled the beginning of Summer Break for the girls and so we had all of the end of the year parties and getting the teacher gifts created. I really am a bad blogger in that I did not take any pictures of the gifts that we made. I also took the first half on the Teaching Exam for my certification, and waited on pins and needles to see if I passed.

June: on the second I recieved my test scores and I passes all 3 parts of the first section of the GA teaching exam. I am now getting ready for the 2nd section, the Art Certification section. I will be taking this on Saturday, June 14. I have also made a trip to Nashville this month and a trip to Lexington, KY. I am now on the road back home from KY. I hope to be able to update this with pictures of the things that we did over the past few months. By the way my computer crashed twice in the past 3 weeks, Yikees ! ! I guess that I need to get a better Anti Virus Software. If anyone has any tips on which on the try please let me know. I really would appreciate it. I hope that you all have a good week.


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Julie said...

The best virus software I have found is Trend Micro. It was also rated best by Consumer Reports.