Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hollywood Comes to Town

For the past few weeks Hollwood has come to visit. Shadowlight Pictures, is filming Good Intentions, a movie staring Elaine Hendrix, Luke Perry, Leanne Rimes, Garry Grubbs, Jon Gries, Jimmi Simpson,and more.

Here I am with Elaine Hindrix (Parent Trap, Superstar, ROMY & MICHELE’S HIGH SCHOOL REUNION, and more).

Ok, so you might be asking what this movie is all about. Here is the story from the production company:

ETTA'S hopeless husband CHESTER, wannabe entrepreneur and liquor store owner, blows every nickel he makes trying to get rich on hare-brained inventions. After their young boys, SHANE and CHRIS sneak off to try smoking and blow up the backyard shed full of Chester's homemade fireworks, smart and sassy Etta realizes she must take matters into her own hands to fulfill her dream of sending the boys to college one day.

Inspired by the success stories on ‚"The Antiques Roadshow," Etta formulates the perfect investment strategy. She'll invest in antiques and sell them off later to bankroll the kids' college fund. Now all she needs is some seed money. To raise investment capital, Etta dons a ski mask and takes to a life of crime, robbing Chester at gunpoint. Moonlighting as the county's‚Äö most wanted criminal, Etta turns quiet Myra, Georgia upside down, outwitting local authorities and pulling heists between carpools and little league games.

Etta's plan takes an interesting turn as she uses her 'loot' to purchase the heirlooms. What she doesn't know is the antiques she's buying are fakes. And the cunning antiques dealer is interested in Etta for more than just her money.

With their 'savings' gone, her husband suspicious, and their children in peril, Etta concocts a scheme of unexpected proportion to get back their money and save her family. There are just a few things she has to do first, including blackmailing the sheriff, holding up the grocery store and getting some much needed advice from the stripper at the Shangri-la.

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keri said...

What fun - how neat they're filming a movie in your town! Seems like you have a popular town, I think they filmed a TV episode there a few years back right?