Sunday, June 3, 2007

Arizona and some FO's

Here is a picture of one of the mile long trains that you see all over the west.
I have been working while riding all over the country. Here are a few things that I have made while I have been on the road.

I started and finished a vintage caplet. Here are the specs:
1 1/2 balls od Sidar Spree which is 149 yards and 60% cotton and 40% acrylic
It is a super chunky yarn.
Crochet Hook "K"
Started: Friday, June 1, 2007 4:30 pm
Finished: Saturday, June 2, 2007 10:30 am
This project was very quick and easy but I would warn you that the yarn is easy to split, because it has so many plys.

I started this right after I finished the capelet, it is a scarf made out of some of my handspun yarn. I am using a kool-aid dyed yarn that has be sun-bleached after it was skeined. I skeined the yarn really tight and then wraped it in a black plastic bag, after the bag was taped shut, I cut a small silt in one side to expose only one part of the yarn to the sun. I left it in the back window of my car for a couple of weeks and it faded only in the area that was exposed to the sun. When I rolled it into a ball you could see what looked like a spaced dyed yarn. You can see the drastic color changes in the design. The light areas are the sun-bleached areas of the yarn.

I am using a "H" hook for this scarf.

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Taueret said...

That scarf is really pretty! Is it a pattern or your own invention? I made something a bit similar last year also out of my handspun, koolaid dyed yarn! Yours is nicer tho.