Sunday, March 25, 2007

A week of work ahead

I got my final grade from my last class of the quarter today. I got an A on my Final which brought my grade up to a B so I am happy. I plan on using my week off from school to set up my New Etsy Shop. I have been working on alot of products ready and I have not wanted to show them here until the shop opens.

I have handbags, tote bags, coasters, hair clips, pins, and more . . . I have been enjoying making these items and I hope that you all enjoy the items. I hope to have a little more time to work this this week and I have my screenprinting supplies set out and I am working on a couple of new designs to have on my handbags and maybe a few t-shirts. (The picture above is one of the screenprints that I am working on. Here is the blog that I created to showcase new items for my shop. Curiously Kate

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