Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The Yucks Have Come

When I woke up this morning I check on my oldest and she had was burning up and when I checked she had a fever of 102.1 and so I decided not to wake her for school. I took her to the Doctor's office and they said it was either the Flu or Strep. They performed the test for both and when they gave me the results, she has both. This means she is out of school until Friday at least. Now my youngest Shae has started coughing and I have her laying down as well. In this house keeping 2 kids apart if not going to be easy.

I started a scarf from the One Skein Book while I was at the doctor. I had almost half of it done before I left.It is the crocheted Cravat. It is easy once you get the pattern down because it is a short 4 row repeat. I am using a yarn that I recieved in a swap and I am loving it.

Also check out this how-to that I found via Whip-Up


Sarah HB said...

HOpe your baby feels better!

Allena said...

oh that stinks! i feel for your kids and you big time! hope they get better soon!