Sunday, February 11, 2007


I was feeling better yesterday morning and I had to return something to a store so I decided to go ahead and go. My mother had the girls and my DH was out riding a horse. Well after doing my return I stopped at Borders and picked up a copy of the latest issue of Craft and Sewing Today Magazine, I was parusing the sewing books and I happened onto Simple Sewing with a French Twist: An Illustrated Guide to Sewing Clothes and Home Accessories with Style and I just had to have it. I could not believe it when I started flipping through the pages and I had to laugh when I realized the Japanese Zakka Books seem to be just like this French Sewing Book. I got home and picked up the Zakka Book that I have and a lot of the illustrations are the same in style, and the Zakka book even has a picture of the Effiel Tower and a map of France in it. I will post some pictures as soon I start to feel better.

I started feeling bad again last night on the way to take my youngest Shea to the Children's ER in Atlanta. She had a fever of 101.5, a sever cough, runny nose, and a headache. We were there from 7:30 pm until 1:30 am this morning. They gave her a triple shot of meds to get the cough stopped and then a breathing treatment because they said her breathing was strained. She finally had a good nights rest last night. She is asleep right now in her daddy arms, and I am sitting in bed trying to rest and get over a head cold

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keri said...

Thanks for the link to the book, I just checked it out on amazon and it looks great.

Hope you are your family are feeling better soon.

ellia said...

i hope your youngest is much better now!!! ah, the e.r. takes forever and its not fun to wait with a child that is suffering... i hope you are feeling better too!!!! take much care and get good rest... hopefully some goodies will come in the mail this week for ya :)