Saturday, January 13, 2007

Here is what I do

I tought I would write a post about school. I am taking Architectual Programming and my main project for this class is a Pediactrics Office. It is 1755 Sq feet. I created a bubble diagram which is one of the first steps in the design process.
  • The sick waiting is larger than the well because most Dr.'s take a sick child every 15 min and well appointments are only scheduled every 30 min so there is always more sick than well at any given time.

  • The Reception and check out are connected with the business office and file room for easy access to the files for the check-in person.

  • The Nurses station in located beside a restroom because there needs to be a pass through for specimen collection.

  • The storage needs to be in a centrally located area for easy access of all needed supplies.

  • The Dr.'s offices are located toward the rear to offer privacy.

  • A U-shaped hall system sets up for easy access that the clients with enter one way and exit the other. It will also ease congestion at the call-back door.

  • A second restroom is in the rear of the practice and will include a shower. It will be set aside as staff only.

  • The Exam rooms are located on the perimeter of the building to make it easier for the traffic flow and keep the sound ebbed.

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